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The Little Red Fox Espresso Awards & Press throughout the years. Not only has the cafe has ranked
‘Top 3 In Cambodia’ three years running, but also ranked in the ‘Top 30 in Asia’.

The New York TimesRecharge with an iced Cuban (espresso shot, sugar syrup, milk, $2.50) at Little Red Fox Espresso.

AFAR – If you’re the kind of person who can’t start the day without a hit of caffeine and you know your ristretto from your espresso, then fortunately Siem Reap has a decent selection of cafes. The best being Little Red Fox Espresso on hip Hup Guan Street.

Conde Nast Traveller –  Serving up the best espresso in Siem Reap to the tune of Cambodian rock and roll.

Destination Asia – Many cafés have graced Kandal Village over the years. None wields the cultural cachet of The Little Red Fox Espresso.

Gourmet Traveller – Siem Reap’s best coffee can be found at the Little Red Fox Espresso.

Lonely Planet – This foxy little cafe is incredibly popular with long-term residents in Siem Reap who swear that the regionally sourced Feel Good coffee is the best in town. 

Vouge Living –  Linger over what’s widely considered Siem Reap’s finest coffee at the Australian-owned The Little Red Fox Espresso. No snooty barista attitudes here, just affable Cambodian staffers.

SMILE Magazine – This cozy, third-wave coffee spot has all the hallmarks of those famed Melbourne-style cafes.

Delicious – The Little Red Fox Espresso has a team of twelve with a clientele of loyal expats. With local Cambodians and world travellers all seeking their caffeine hit.

National Geographic – A espresso martini is on the cards at The Little Red Fox Espresso in Siem Reap’s Kandal Village.

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