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Our menu is soon to be available in both English and Chinese.

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Cafe Siem Reap The Little Red Fox Espresso

If you’re the kind of person who can’t start the day without a hit of caffeine and you know your ristretto from your espresso, then fortunately Siem Reap has a decent selection of cafes, the best being Little Red Fox Espresso on hip Hup Guan Street. – AFAR Magazine

At The Little Red Fox Espresso we prioritize humane, environmentally friendly supply chain options wherever possible.
Because we believe that ultimately “cheap”comes at a steep environmental and humanitarian cost.

Our cafe features blends and single origin beans specifically grown in South East Asia.
Lovingly blended & roasted by ‘Feel Good Roasters’ in Phnom Penh; together we believe in providing you the highest quality, chemical free, fair trade and organic blends and single origins as possible!

The Little Red Fox Espresso is not a NGO or a Social Enterprise, however we are a business which is passionate about advocating for what is right, both in our cafe and in our community.

– Did you know the Cambodia Reil (៛) is the official currency of Cambodia, however the US dollar is not. Therefore we cannot accept any damaged, torn, worn, discolored or suspicious US dollar bills as Cambodian banks will not accept them.
All USD bills printed before 1995, USD $100 bills prior 2010 and all USD $2.00 bills cannot be accepted.

Cafe Siem Reap The Little Red Fox Espresso

Contact us to make a reservation at
+855 16 669 724