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Stay Longer, Siem Reap

A group of organizations, social enterprises, and ethical businesses in Siem Reap, Cambodia practicing responsible, sustainable tourism. Members provide visitors with an excellent experience while making a positive impact on the local community.

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‘Stay Longer Siem Reap’. Phare, The Cambodian Circus – Grasshopper Adventures.

Explore everything Siem Reap has to offer!

“And how long are you in town for”? A question that you’re guaranteed to be asked during your time in Siem Reap. For most, it is just two or three days before moving on.
When heard, the first that comes to mind is just how much they’re missing!

Sure, come to Cambodia for Angkor Wat and spend the time exploring the amazing complex. After all, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site rated by travelers as one of the top attractions in the world. Definitely spend a few days exploring the Angkor Archeological Park. David (one of our owners) is a master of secret jungle trails, great for those who want to really get adventurous on a bike or foot!

However, we do feel the need to declare…
You need to stay and explore some more of the amazing experiences our town has to offer.

Here are just a few of the local, original, authentic experiences that should convince you to stay longer in Siem Reap. It only scratches the surface. Be sure to follow our Social Media pages for more insider information.

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