Art in Siem Reap


Art in Siem Reap.

Siem Reap and its art is truly the heart of Cambodia’s vibrate culture. Don’t miss the newest generations of Cambodian visual artists.

Treeline Urban Resort: Treeline features private art collections that reflect of how contemporary art and design is growing in Cambodia

Open Studio Cambodia: Representing several Cambodian contemporary artists, a community art space and informal gallery. Supporting their artists and funding charitable activities through offering contemporary art tours throughout the country year-round.

Mirage Contemporary Art Space: Re-discovery, presentation and preservation of Khmer art and culture. Mirage promotes artists and performers that reflect the cultural diversity of Cambodia. Often hosts events and talks with local and international artists.

Theam’s House: A Gallery Walk and artist studio created by the artist designer and Visual artist Lim Muy Theam. From a gallery to another, it’s a journey to the Cambodian lifestyle through traditional Khmer arts & crafts and artifacts, a stroll through fauna and flora of Cambodia, a discovery of Theam’s Art studio and showroom (fine arts&crafts, lacquer paintings, contemporary sculptures, fabrics, colorful home decoration and souvenirs of Cambodia)

Siem Reap Art