Cafe Siem Reap The Little Red Fox Espresso Exterior

What’s our story?

Whats Our Story?

Cafe Siem Reap The Little Red Fox Espresso

The Little Red Fox Espresso opened late 2014 with a simple vision to bring what we love about Australian cafe culture to Siem Reap then shake it all up with we love about Cambodia!

Our vision for the cafe was to create a space that is uniquely enjoyable for our customers and obviously our amazing team.

Since the beginning we have continued to drive our focus towards many community projects. Music, art and film (both national and international) have featured heavily in our journey. Some of our favorite memories include the week long music festival ‘Chubmet’ in 2017. Also, catering for the film ‘First They Killed My Father’ directed by Angelina Jolie for NETFLIX.

Furthermore, The Little Red Fox Espresso focuses on up-skilling, educating and training those who otherwise would not normally get the opportunity to learn management skills, our team is taught through the practice and freedom of creativity.
In addition, we are big on socially responsible and environmental business practices. Sharing that knowledge with our team in addition to always looking to better ourselves along the way.

Finally, The Little Red Fox Espresso is not a NGO or a Social Enterprise. However, we are a business which is passionate about advocating for what is right, both in our cafe and in our community.

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Our Team

Who are the Foxes?

Cafe Siem Reap The Little Red Fox Espresso

The Little Red Fox Espresso is the dream of long-term mates Adam Rodwell & David Stirling who wanted to bring their passion for Australian cafe culture to Siem Reap and meld it together with the truly unique Cambodian spirit.

No cafe experience can be better than the experience its team has day to day. In our Den, we make decisions as a team with how we run The Little Red Fox Espresso. Furthermore, we ensure that each choice has a positive ethical and environmental impact. It is undoubtedly the best of coincidences that good hospitality choices – those that are good for our land and people, for the environment, for the body and mind – are also delicious and enjoyable.

The Little Red Fox Espresso team’s talents are diverse, however, we’re united by one thing: an overarching passion for creating a special space that melds our cultures together to create a truly unique environment for our guests.

Sak Ret

Cafe Manager

Sak loves to be busy no matter what the task is. He unquestionably is also the joker/troublemaker/energizer bunny of the cafe, a true character. Don’t be fooled by his professional manner, once he gets to know you you’ll never see the end of life’s ongoing joke. He is also pretty wicked behind the coffee machine!

Samit Meab


Our youngest team member, Samit, is in shows great skill and focus behind the machine with excellent coffee shots. He has a very soft and sweet nature and may appear a bit shy. However, don’t be fooled… He loves a chat.

Som Limsrey


Som started with us towards the end of 2021 just as Cambodia started to reopen to the world post-pandemic.
She brings a beautiful smile and a strong willingness to soak up all knowledge about the industry.

Sophea Chea

Waitress and Barista

Sophea came to us from a work experience program through a local hospitality training school. In a short period of time, she made herself an integral part of our floor team and has been with us ever since. Sophea is soft, sweet, and considerate to all she comes in contact with.

Mao Moung

Head Chef

After studying for a year at Paul Du Brule University, Mao joined us just before the pandemic and has been an integral part of growing our kitchen. During her time she has implemented a wastage management system, composting management, and many other amazing eco and sustainable kitchen practices.

Visal Tha

Barista & Head Waitress

After completing her work experience with us we just couldn’t let her go. With a strong, confident, and infectiously positive attitude, Visal makes a wonderful addition to our family!
Visal has a great understanding of the English language and can give you some wonderful insider tips about the local side of Siem Reap

Ros Kosal

Head Barista & Supervisor

Ros is one of our longest-working team members and we consider ourselves very lucky to have shared this journey alongside him. He is a softly spoken old soul curious to learn about the world and often likes to ask questions about the life and journeys of our customers. SUPER sweet guy and an amazing father.

Phany Sanh


Where to start with Phany? She is literally the very backbone of support in our kitchen. A wonderful strong energy of support and intuitive team guidance comes naturally to her. We are so thankful to have such a relaxed team member willing to jump in anywhere when help is needed.