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Overall Sustainable Management

The Little Red Fox Espresso is passionate about sustainability and the future of Cambodia, the people, and the planet. We’re consistently looking at ways we can better our practices. By lowering our environmental impact, we empower our team to grow in knowledge and practices to help improve the future of Cambodia and its people.

Local Support

– Employing only local Cambodian staff on full-time contracts. As the city is primarily a tourist town many locals take on six-month contracts in peak season. This leads to a massive unemployment rate during low season causing strain on low-income households.
– Continued and committed support to Clean-Up Cambodia. In addition to taking part in city-wide clean-ups and community meetings, the cafe hosts community meet-ups on Siem Reap can transition towards environmental tourism.
– Dedicated commitment to sourcing solutions, helping to solve the Take-Away plastic problem in South East Asia.

Environmentally Friendly Purchase

– No dangerous chemical cleaning products! ‘Kambio‘ (based in Siem Reap) is a French family-owned company, committed to the preservation of the environment while creating organic cosmetics, aromatherapy, and cleaning products in a sustainable and responsible approach.
Their products are entirely handmade in Cambodia and produced in small batches. Ensuring commitment to providing high-quality, affordable organic products that are handmade at every stage of the process: preparation, filling, labeling, and packaging.

Waste Management

Reducing Plastics
– No ‘Single-Use’ hazardous plastics! Almost all of our plastics and take-away options are bio-degradable. Additionally the sale of bottled water is not available instead offering to refill your glass and water bottle.
– No plastic straws. Metal straws are clean, hygienic and can be used again and again. If requested by a customer the cafe will happily offer a biodegradable straw.
– No plastic thrown in the bin. Alternatively at the front of the cafe there is at plastic recycling that consequently makes the job of collecting plastic a lot easier! The cafes plastic point offers a more organised and hygienic solution for the workers rather than digging through entire trash bins.

General Waste
– The cafe donates its used coffee grind to businesses who will make use for them. Gardening projects through too creating local coffee scrubs for spas and retail are currently on board.
– Composting projects in Siem Reap who take our biodegradable waste to use in their compost. Thus helping to make Siem Reap gardens beautiful.
-Finally glass recycling from ‘Naga Earth’ and ‘Gaea’taking used glassware is collected, recycled and turned into sand!