‘On The Verge’ – A Pop-Up Exhibition

‘On The Verge’ – A Pop-Up Exhibition

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Art Siem Reap
Art Siem Reap

‘On The Verge’ by Raccoon Sketches

‘On The Verge’ by Raccoon Sketches – A Pop-Up Exhibition.
An collaboration between The Little Red Fox Espresso alongside Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity and Creation Haus.

Launching on Saturday the 27th of November

Art Siem Reap

Created in 2018, Raccoon Sketches work depicts twelve threatened species in Cambodia. Originally drawn commissioned by and donated to Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity (ACCB), the collection of water based paintings will be used & featured in their gift shop and used around the sanctuary.

With the emergence of pride and knowledge blooming in environmental tourism & awareness within Cambodia. Raccoon Sketches work seems like a perfect fit for our first pop-up exhibition on the ground floor.

Art Siem Reap
Art Siem Reap

The Angkor Centre for Conservation of Biodiversity (ACCB) is a species conservation project of the Allwetterzoo Münster, Germany established in 2003. It is one of the first nature conservation centers in Cambodia and is located in Phnom Kulen National Park.

The ACCB is currently home to approximately 1000 animals belonging to about 45 species of mammals, reptiles and birds native to Cambodia with roughly 95% belonging to a species classified as threatened.

The main focus areas of the ACCB’s work are:

  • The rescue of selected threatened wildlife native to Cambodia, and reintroduction after the rehabilitation, if possible.
  • Conservation of threatened species designed to improve protection and management of some of Cambodia’s most endangered wildlife,
  • The advancement of environmental education in Cambodia and onsite learning.
  • Conduct species conservation projects and endangered species research.

Like the majority of us, COVID19 had a great human social impact in Cambodia. ACCB currently still provides full-time employment to 34 Khmer nationals, making up 90% of our employees, most of them living in nearby communities bordering the Phnom Kulen National Park. With the ongoing travel restrictions the ACCB team has been prevented from carrying out many of their scheduled environmental trainings and extensive outreach & rescue programs. To make matters even more difficult the majority of their conservation efforts are largely grant funded and due to the current global climate those grants are becoming scares.

Help support the continuation of some of Cambodias most IMPORTANT conservation work by purchasing a print. ALL proceeds will be going back to the ACCB and their amazing work.

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